How to Hyperlink from a web viewer to local content

11-05-2019 05:32 PM
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Hyperlinks in a web viewer.  

Our office recently got new windows 10 computers and can no longer use hyperlinks in a browser to local files such as asbuilt tif images or videos of sewer lines.  Either the browser blocks the hyperlink for security or it wants to download an entire video before you can view it.  It didn't used to be this way in Internet Explorer or older versions of Chrome. 

What is a proper workflow so our engineers can quickly access asbuilt drawings or videos from a map?  Everything is stored on our network.  It needs to be with a free viewer.  

Off the top of my head I know ArcReader will work, but my God, that is an ancient program.  I was hoping to never install that again.     It seems like we were moving forward for so many years getting everything in a browser and away from small viewer programs.  Now thanks to security vulnerabilities I'm afraid we may need to go back to small programs to regain functionality.  

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