Dynamic Text-Sum Only One Decimal Place

09-20-2019 04:23 PM
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I'm having an issue where I'm asking the Dynamic Text function to SUM a particular field to one decimal place but it's giving me a different result than what I get when I round the numbers myself to one decimal place. I have hundreds of maps I produce that list an acreage in each quarter quarter section, and that gets labeled on the map where I've programmed the label to round to one decimal place. However, when I want to add the sum of these labels in the legend it comes up one tenth higher than what my labels show. I know the issue, but don't know how to program a solution and was hoping someone could help me figure out a solution through programming. I believe what is happening during the Dynamic Text SUM is that all decimal places (this field goes out from 4-7 places) in this field are being added to where there is enough to push the SUM higher than if I strictly tell the labeling function to round to 1 decimal place. For example, the numbers 35.3264, 37.7195, 33.8193, 33.4178 (SUM 140.283) would label out to 35.3, 37.7, 33.8, 33.4 (SUM 140.2). By the time I have a few more rows summed in it's pushed me one tenth higher. Any ideas?

The field being summed is an acreage field so I have to calculate geometry and it comes up with four decimal places, which I haven't seen any way to change.


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