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07-29-2019 01:20 PM
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Is anyone familiar with wide vs. long format? 

Example - I have 10 unique IDs (polygons). I intersect them with another polygon shapefile, and those records that intersect more than one polygon yields more than one row, but with the same unique ID (so I'd have 20 rows instead of 10, for example). Is there a way to get those into another column instead of an extra row?

Initial data:

ID       School                            
1.       Ball State University 

Then I intersect with a city shapefile and it comes out like this:

ID       School                                  City 
1.       Ball State University             Muncie
1.       Ball State University             New Castle

I have two records that have the same ID and school, but two different cities. I’d like for it to look like this (all on one line):

ID          School                         City1          City2
1.          Ball State University    Muncie       New Castle

Does this make sense? can this be fixed in ArcMap?

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Hey, Lindsay. Try using "Geoprocessing/Union" instead of intersect. . .See "Union (Analysis) in the help menu to get acquainted. Join all attributes.

Good luck!


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