AdvanceTo Element: unable to find xml element

07-08-2017 06:08 PM
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Hi I have download product of Sentinel-2 from ESA website. 

I am using Windows 10, Arcmap 10.4 with Core i7 RAM 8GB. In Arcmap, first step is I try by making File Geodatabase and double click and right click and choose Import> XML Workspace Documents then I choose Data and choose the *.xml that I have download and unzip but there is a message "AdvanceTo Element: unable to find xml element (Workspace Definition not found in xml doc)."
As this step cannot be use, I try by right click and choose Raster Database on the FileGeodatabase and add the source of *xml. and ouput Geodatabase as the file Geodatabase no response.

If this possible I am trying to use python in Arcmap.

Hopefully anyone could help me with this.

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