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Esri Production Mapping Common Questions

06-27-2014 11:45 AM
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Esri Production Mapping Common Questions

Who uses Esri Production Mapping?

Esri Production Mapping enhances user productivity and improves efficiency for geospatial content producers where standardization, repeatability, and batch processing are key production criteria. It is used by data and map production agencies such as national/commercial mapping organizations, local government, utilities, transportation agencies, defense agencies, and data conversion contractors (and their subcontractors and clients).

How can users from specific industries benefit from using Esri Production Mapping?

Users from various industries can download data models, validation rules, map templates, symbol sets, and additional editing tools from the ArcGIS Resource Center, and configure and use them with their data. These include tools for water/wastewater; transportation, roads, and highways; and national mapping. For the downloads to work properly, Esri Production Mapping must be installed on a user's machine.

What do I get when I buy Esri Production Mapping?

Esri Production Mapping is bundled with components for an advanced editing and cartography environment, data quality control, and workflow management.

Do I need to purchase other Esri software to run Esri Production Mapping?

Yes. Esri Production Mapping operates directly and dependently with Esri's core software. Please refer to System Requirements for further information.

How is Esri Production Mapping licensed?

Esri Production Mapping follows the same licensing model as ArcGIS for concurrent use licensing and registration numbers for single use licensing.

Are training courses available for Esri Production Mapping?

Yes. Training courses are offered through Esri's Learning Center. We highly recommend that training be given to key staff who will be using these tools. Customized training is also available and can be conducted at an Esri Learning Center or any appropriately equipped customer site.

Can I use Esri Production Mapping with other ArcGIS extensions?

Yes. Esri Production Mapping integrates seamlessly with other ArcGIS extensions.

Is Esri Production Mapping customizable?

Yes. Esri Production Mapping is designed to be adjustable and extensible to create a flexible environment. It offers Graphic User Interfaces (GUIs) for administrative users to customize their production experience. Users can customize data validation rules, feature symbology, data representations, and batch jobs. Many of the editing, validation, and rendering tools take advantage of modifiable rules stored in the database. By storing the rules in the database, you can easily develop new products and modify existing products to meet your database requirements.

Can I use the current version of Esri Production Mapping with an older version of ArcGIS?

No. To install and function correctly, the versions for each must be the same. For example, Esri Production Mapping 10.2 only works with ArcGIS 10.2.

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