UC2021 ArcGIS Living Atlas recordings now available

08-11-2021 06:05 PM
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Recordings of all ArcGIS Living Atlas sessions (and any other session for that matter) are now available. To view the sessions, visit the UC2021 website and sign in with your ArcGIS Account, then click Sessions to begin searching for topics of interest.

ArcGIS Living Atlas sessions were categorized in two different ways. Below is the complete list of all Living Atlas sessions for easy viewing and sharing. Be sure to sign in first to open the links below.


Living Atlas: An Introduction

ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World is the foremost collection of geographic information from around the globe. It includes curated and authoritative maps, apps, and layers from Esri and the global GIS user community, and delivers related capabilities, such as geocoding, routing, and data enrichment. Living Atlas supports your work across the entire ArcGIS System. This session will provide an overview of Living Atlas content that is available to you now, with an emphasis on recent additions and updates, and will demonstrate how ArcGIS users can fully leverage it in their work.


Living Atlas: Policy Mapping

GIS practitioners can provide more than maps of data: they can provide policy maps that illuminate a need, provide a human context to existing and proposed infrastructure, generate understanding of topics like equity and access, and foster discussion. Join this session to see the difference between a map of data, and a policy map. Demos show how to find and use any of the 1000’s of policy maps available in ArcGIS Living Atlas, and how modify a policy map focus on your community using data from Census, FEMA, NASA and others.


Living Atlas: Livefeeds Maps and Workflows for Disaster Response

In this session, you will learn about the collection of viral-ready automatic updated maps and dashboards, supporting natural hazards from NOAA weather watches and warnings to COVID case mapping with Johns Hopkins University. We will share best practices for updating, publishing, consuming maps ready to scale and share some tips and tricks on how best to utilize Living Atlas Livefeeds in your apps. At the end of the session, we will share a collection of resources and examples you can use to build viral services.


Living Atlas: Imagery and Elevation

Learn about the basics of imagery and elevation content available in the Living Atlas. You will learn how to use imagery in visualization and analysis. We will focus on updates to the imagery basemap and newly upgraded multispectral/multitemporal imagery from Sentinal-2 and LandSat8. We will then share what’s new in elevation, which now includes dozens of high resolution terrain sources that you can use in ArcGIS and Pro to enhance your analysis work.


Living Atlas: Community Maps Program

Would you like Esri Basemaps to include your high-quality data? Join our session to learn about the Community Maps Program, its benefits, and how your data can dramatically improve Living Atlas Basemaps, Imagery, Elevation, and the World Geocoding. We will cover topics including an overview of the Community Maps Program, benefits of being a data contributor, how to contribute, and a glimpse onto our Basemap creation workflows. If you are already a contributor to our program, we will share a few new tips and techniques to simplify contributions.


Living Atlas: Demographics for Visualization and Analysis

The Living Atlas of the World provides access to 25,000+ demographic variables for 175 countries, that can be accessed anywhere within the ArcGIS system including apps, dashboards, infographics, and models. In this session we will learn about accessing, visualizing, and analyzing open, free, and premium demographic content; what’s available across the globe; geoenriching your maps, apps, and user experiences with decision-centric content; and using demographics in advance analytics, AI/ML, and big data.


Living Atlas: Environmental Content, Mapping, and Analysis Workflows

Within Living Atlas, the Environment section provides a wealth of resources for mapping, analyzing and understanding our planet. This session will cover how to easily make beautiful, informative maps using blend modes along with Arcade for custom symbology. Then we’ll dive into dive into useful workflows in ArcGIS Pro and Notebooks to quickly find patterns over space and time. Lastly, we’ll show examples of how organizations are sharing their information with applications and Dashboards.


Living Atlas: Esri Basemaps and OpenStreet Map

ArcGIS provides access to some of the world’s best map data through Esri Basemap and OpenStreetMap offerings. Esri publishes a variety of basemaps rich in cartographic design and built with data from leading providers. These basemaps enable dynamic cartography, international localization, and the flexibility to create your own styles. In this session, you will learn about the latest updates and options to customize the map colors, patterns, and labels to meet your unique needs. In addition, you will learn about the latest OpenStreetMap offerings, including the new OSM Daylight map featuring data from the ArcGIS community and new hosted feature layers of OSM data that is updated every minute with the latest edits.


ArcGIS: Map Wizardry

Sit back, and enjoy this inspiring cartographic ride! In this session we share some truly mesmerizing maps to demonstrate the cartographic power and flexibility of the ArcGIS platform. We go beyond the defaults, and bend ArcGIS to our every cartographic whim to bring data to life using innovative and imaginative techniques. We’ll show maps you maybe haven’t even considered let alone thought possible and share ideas and workflows that you can use creatively in your own work. We’ll inspire you to create compelling maps, and make them sing and dance in new and exciting ways.


Enabling Conservation Planning with GIS: A Vision for 30 by 30

Preserving 30 percent of the planet by the year 2030, or 30 by 30 is a campaign which has been gaining traction across the globe, with more than 50 countries having signed on. Within the United States, a Biden administration executive order aims to establish similar objectives and States like California are leading the charge with individual commitments. Join us in this session to learn how GIS is being used to support conservation efforts like 30 by 30 and beyond.


Living Atlas: US Demographics and Census 2020

Learn what’s new in Esri’s 2021 demographic data updates for the U.S. and the 2020 Census data release. In this session, you’ll learn what types of data Esri offers for the US, how you can access it and incorporate it into your analyses, and where you can find resources to frequently asked questions.


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