Summary Viewer Request - Ability to Filter by Multiple Fields & Multiple Layers

08-25-2016 03:43 AM
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Hi there, 

The summary viewer is a great tool, but what would really make it amazing is the ability to filter by multiple fields (e.g. provinces OR municipalities) and also multiple layers (e.g. points OR polygons).  Currently you can also select 1 layer for filtering and only 1 field from that layer.  This means if you want to make a map that allows the user to filter several layers and/or fields, you simply have to create another summary viewer map, which is not ideal at all. 

See map below I have created and hosted.  You can only filter with one layer (points) and one field (Municipalities).  I want the ability to filter multiple layers and multiple fields. Is this possible Esri?  Am working on a project now and this would be really helpful if it could be implemented in next release. 

Summary Viewer 


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