Story Map App with Splash Screen

12-13-2017 03:09 PM
Occasional Contributor
Which Story Map App Template has the capability of adding a Splash Screen?
I know you can do this in WAB, but I was looking for a the ability to configure a Splash Screen in a Story Map App Template (out of the box), also no downloading the app, or adding custom code in that respect. 
Thanks in advance for any info you could provide!
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Hi Kristen, 

Is there a certain functionality you're looking to use with the splash screen? Like asking a user to agree to T&Cs?

From my knowledge, none of the storymaps currently have the capability of adding a splash screen OOTB - the closest might be in the Story Map Tour where you can use a point as an Introduction to the story map:

Like you mentioned, Web AppBuilder does allow you to include a splash screen, and so does the Basic Viewer so one of those could be embedded at the start of your storymap.

Otherwise it's worth adding this to the Ideas site: ArcGIS Ideas - these get implemented quite regularly.