Reporter "Values could not be submitted" Error

05-01-2019 03:08 PM
New Contributor

I've created a Reporter Application to allow the general public to place recommended future land uses on a map.  We  have set the symbology for the input layer, and double checked all the permissions.  The file available at this link was working fine in testing for two weeks.  On Monday, we posted it to our website but didn't announce it.  The client staff was testing it out today and discovered that once a feature is placed with one of the 9 categories, it prevents another feature of the same class from being reported.  

We have checked all the permissions, and removed the login with Facebook or Google options hoping that would eliminate any data validation issues, but this hasn't fixed the problem.  

Any suggestions on how to fix this without starting over from square one?  Is there a data validation setting that we should look at that might be limiting the records to one feature per class?

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