Quickly Duplicate Configurable Apps with Save As or URL Params on Feature Services

05-20-2021 08:12 AM
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We have a need to be able to quickly replicate a configurable app with the same layout and settings, but with a different map, specifically the Attachment Viewer. Would you include a Save As option so we can save as then change the map and reconfigure any elements that need to be like the search fields without having to start from scratch for each new app? Another option would be to allow URL params on the feature services so we could "filter" the same map for each instance needed.


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This would be really useful for a wide range of map apps across the product range.. for these configurable apps as well as dashboards too

Melissa Brooks
Senior Geospatial Systems Specialist
Tasman District Council (New Zealand)
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This will be possible after our coming release, sometime next week. From the "My Content" page in AGOL, you can launch the Instant Apps Gallery from the "Create App" menu. In the "My Apps" tab of this new gallery, you will be able to "Save a Copy" of your app. This will create a completely separate copy that you can then change anyway you'd like, without affecting the original app.