Portfolio Instant App: Maintain AOI extent throughout available web maps and enable basemap functionality

04-27-2021 02:55 PM
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Please allow functionality for all the participating Web Maps to share the same extent, regardless of whether a location has been set in the location tool, similar to the Map Series Story Map.

Also, the description for this app on it's Items page indicates there is a basemap toggle.  I have yet to find this tool, am I missing something?

We would love to use this app for our County-wide suite of transportation maps but cannot do so until the above enhancements are available.


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Thanks for posting this. We are currently considering adding the option for Portfolio authors to set a location for Web Maps, Web Scenes and some Web apps to use. This would similar to the map location tool that exists already but the app author would define the location prior to publishing the app. For this feature, would you rather set an extent for the location or define one location(an address)?


For the basemap toggle, this was a mistake in the item details. We are also looking to add a basemap selector that can be used in web maps and web scenes in the future. 


Thanks again!


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Sarah, thanks for the reply!

I'm happy to hear about possible basemap selector enhancement as we host our own aerial imagery basemaps on AGOL so this would be fantastic!

I think there might be some confusion on the location aspect, though.  I'm not looking to set any particular location, only for the web maps in the portfolio series to all match as a user zooms to AOIs.  For instance, if we had four web maps displayed in the Portfolio app and a user zoomed in to his/her home in one of the maps, as they browsed the other three web maps they would all show the user's home.  I know this is how the Location tool works but it's not intuitive and is not conducive to more 'exploratory' zooming and panning which is how we anticipate our citizens interacting with the county transportation products.

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I was expected the same thing from the Portfolio Instant App. The extent has to be synchronized between all the added maps. Right now when I zoom in to an area and change the extend of my current map, and then switch to the next map the extent is reset to original! Which is defeating the whole purpose of comparing maps in this app. Are we going to see any update regarding this issue to foreseeable future?

Thank you