Nearby Instant app enhancement requests

04-26-2021 10:22 AM
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Hi all, the updated Nearby app ("Instant app") is a great update from the previous version. It works much better on Mobile, and the filters are a great addition. It is also handy to disable the map and make it results focused.

My request is to add an option for user defined Filter values. An example is, if I want to use the Nearby app for a local business listing, it would be nice if the user could type in a value such as a keyword "pizza" to refine results. For now the Filters are limited to preset values in a single list without groups. This works well if you have a single category to filter, but we'd like to filter for more than one.

My second request is the option to disable the Welcome screen. Would be great when embedded on a site to maintain consistent look and feel, but also on Mobile if it's a redirect from a previous page and the Welcome screen is not necessary.


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Hi Brittany, 

Thanks for the feedback.  We are looking at ways to enhance filtering in future updates of the Nearby app to include more advanced capabilities.  Thanks for sharing your use case, we will be sure to include this in our planning.   We are planning on adding more options to control the behavior of the welcome screen, one being the option to disable the welcome screen.  Hope this helps!

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@BrittanyBurson in the June 2021 update of ArcGIS Online you can now disable the welcome screen. When it is enabled, the panel now sits below the search bar so both can be used at the same time. 

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