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07-01-2015 04:31 PM
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Hi, I can't get my Flickr pictures to show up in my map tour created from a .csv file.  I can import them in from my flickr album using the import button in the map tour interface, but pasting the URL of the flickr pic into the .csv is unsuccessful, as is pasting it into the "change media" box.

Both the .csv and "change media" box seem to really need a .jpg extension on the URL, but Flickr doesn't provide me with one that works, and obviously just appending ".jpg" to the URL doesn't work.  Everything I've read suggests I should be able to paste the Flickr URL into the "change media" box, but it doesn't work.  I feel I'm missing something simple and obvious, so any suggestions are appreciated.


Paul Lowrey

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Try posting this question in the Story Maps​ place.

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