Is there any detailed documentation on ArcGIS Online's "Attach Code" tool?

05-19-2016 02:59 AM
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I've seen ArcGIS Online's "Attach Code" tool for Web Map Applications mentioned in passing in several help documents but always in passing and, at present, I can't seem to find any definitive documentation on what is does.  Is there any documentation online explaining clearly what "Attach Code" does.

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Hi Chantelle,

It's funny that there isn't much listed in terms of documentation for the "attach code" button.

Take a look at this:

Item details—ArcGIS Online Help | ArcGIS

Towards the bottom it says:

Attach code to apps

You can attach code (as a ZIP file) with your apps. This can be helpful if you are sharing a sample or a configurable app and want others to have access to your code. Click Attach Code and browse to the location of your code (as a ZIP file). To update a code attachment without resetting the download counter on the item, use Update Code and upload a ZIP file with the same name as the original ZIP file. If you want to attach a new file, first delete the existing file; then use Attach Code. This will reset the download count on the item.

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