How to hide previously submitted survey points on Crowdsource Reporter?

05-07-2019 11:08 PM
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Is there a way to hide previously submitted survey points on the maps in Crowdsource reporter (CR)? My project involves having users point locations on the map where infrastructure may impact biodiversity and have them fill in survey questions as attributes. I created the surveys through survey123 but since survey123 only supports one geopoint per form, I incorporated them into CR to allow pointing locations for each survey fields in one platform as opposed to having several separate forms to fill. 

But we would like to treat this CR platform as similar to a normal survey as possible where each survey/response is a unique entry while keeping them confidential at the same time. Hence it's best if we could just hide previously submitted survey points. I have tried seeing if it's configurable but so far there are no options. Please let me know if there's a function that can achieve this. Or if there are other ArcGIS online apps that can achieve this (hiding points of previous entries)? I welcome any suggestions at all.

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hi. In my crowdsource app i use a field that is no for default and is not show in the app. In the map that use the crowdsource put a filter to show only the records with the field with yes. I use other app for see the record and change the field to yes if i want it to show.