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How do I view a Google Analytics Tracking ID in Instant Apps?

08-28-2023 09:51 AM
Regular Contributor

How do I view a Google Analytics Tracking ID in Instant Apps?  I have previously configured a Tracking ID in the Sidebar Instant App.  I was asked to verify the Tracking ID used, and it appears that is not possible. 

I am unable confidently tell them which Tracking ID is tied to which Sidebar app.  The Tracking ID was added about year ago, so I don't want to replace it with a new Tracking ID and lose the years' worth of analytics.



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Esri Frequent Contributor

You can use a tool like ArcGIS Assistant to view the applications data and see the configured OAuth Appid:


Alternatively you can run the app then open the browser's developer tools and look at the network traffic for a request with data in it. I use the filter text box to filter the network traffic by the data keyword. If you look at the response for that request you'll see the application's data including the Google analytics id. 

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Hi @KellyHutchins,

Thank you for the two, work around ideas.  I believe both would work to get the ID.  I have also created an idea to show the Tracking ID instead of Instant Apps itself.

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