How do I edit the content of the 'Info' button on the sidebar?

03-25-2022 12:08 PM
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The 'Info' button on the sidebar opens a panel where it says: "Click on the map to view feature information". How can I edit this sentence, or instead, is there a way to remove this button? I can edit the content of the 'Details’ button, but having both  ‘Info’  & ‘Details’ buttons is confusing and redundant.  

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Esri Frequent Contributor

The click on map to view feature information text is displayed when you have the popup content displayed in the side panel. Currently this text is not editable but we can look at making it customizable in a future release. You can turn off the details section by disabling the "Details" switch in the Sidebar section while configuring the app. 

We are working on improving the configuration experience for this app and can look at providing more flexibility in the naming and default text for the side panel buttons. 

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Hi Kelly,

Thanks for your reply.

Having the popup content displayed in the side panel is very convenient. Still, I also need the ‘Details’ section for additional explanations about some of the layers in the map. If I could edit the text under the ‘Info’ section, I wouldn’t need to use the ‘Details.’

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+1 for making this piece of text customizable, thank you! 

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