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01-26-2021 08:44 AM
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Just for context, I found my way here by clicking on the Feedback link and then "Share your feedback here" link embedded in the Find My Vaccine solution template. Hopefully, this post will get back to the Solutions team for consideration!

Overall, this is an excellent template. I love the modern responsive design. We hope to go live with our version this week.

The main feedback I can offer is that we've gone back and forth between using this solution and a similar one in Web AppBuilder using the Near Me widget. The main reason we keep going back to the WAB version is because there is no option for a splash screen in the solution. Because doses are so limited, we want to have a splash screen that requires the end user to confirm that they are Phase 1 or 2 eligible before they proceed to the map. (Yes, we know, people will click through it regardless of what phase they are in. We just want to force them to take note of the app's limitations at this point in the vaccine distribution process.)

Our need for a splash screen or disclaimer is almost met with the About panel. The trouble is that there appears to be a cookie that knows whether the user has viewed the app, and if so, the About text is suppressed. We want that text to remain visible at all times.

Speaking of the About panel -- a "nice but not necessary to have" in the app builder would include an ability to pop out the Edit Introduction Panel text editor. It is so narrow that it's hard to edit text when you have more than a few lines.

One other "nice but not necessary to have" would be an option for hint text in the Search box. The design is so clean that the end user doesn't always recognize that the search box is an option. If we could put in "search" or "enter address or place" or something like that in a grayed text, that would make the search box more obvious.  Never mind on this suggestion - I found the spot in the app builder to update this.

One last "nice but not necessary" would be the option to keep all of the locations showing, even after a search is performed. I personally find it disorienting to click on the map and lose a bunch of points, but I can see the appeal to having that available.

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Amy, I've heard your idea to have an option to keep the About panel visible at all times reiterated from a few other states using the configurable app for their Vaccination locator apps. Definitely support this (as well as the other suggestions you mentioned)!

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