crowd source app, forceToMap by default

06-03-2020 11:59 AM
New Contributor

Hello all,

I am trying to customize crowd source app (configurable) to fit the app in our context. By default when the app loads it shows the list of all the candidate features (i.e. the features the users would make a comment or vote to) on the right hand panel. Since we have a lot of polygons to make comments on..... the list is huge and nobody will sort through them to find the polygon/area they are interested in to make a comment. 

I was looking through the codes and it looks like if the screen is too narrow (if the users is using a smartphone) then the app can only show the list or map based on a boolean variable called "forceToMap".

I want forceToMap= true is always enforced that will remove the list from the app. User only use the map to click on a polygon to see the item detail and vote or make a comment on that polygon.

Any help to achieve this would be greatly appreciated............... 

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