Configurable Links for Attachment Viewer

09-24-2020 06:46 AM
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Is there are way to customize the Web address for the Attachment Viewer, so the attachments for a specific record can be highlighted when the app is opened? Something like this:


where ObjectID=19 is the record I want to highlight.

Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.

Chris Anderson

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

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From having a quick peek it looks like you can use &defaultObjectId=19 in the url to get it to start with that feature!

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It looks like you can't use one's lat long fields in the URL to center the map in attachment viewer though???

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Esri Contributor

If you enable the sharing option in the Attachment Viewer config, you'll have the ability to auto generate a share link that will open the app at a specified feature. 

1. In the configuration panel, enable Social sharing.
2. Publish your app. 
3. Launch the app.
4. Navigate to a feature that you would like your app to open at. 
5. Click on the link icon in the header.
6. Click on the copy button.
7. Paste to share the link. 

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