Cloning a Arcgis Instant App feature?

05-19-2023 03:49 AM
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Hi Folks,

I'm wanting to make a downloadble version of an Arcgis Instant app I designed for my deptartment for searching power company data. My Arcgis account status is a "dev". My company web devs want to port the code, for my local web dept to host, but the Arcgis instant app isn't available for download.

The customizable Arcgis webapp is available for download. The problem I'm running into is the customizable webapp doesn't populate the local power company website link in the intial search results like the instant app does. This will result in extra clicking to get to the power company URL, which will make a lot of people unhappy. Is there a way to accomplish this in the second app?

I want the name of the power company and website URL to populate in the search results.

A.) Instant App

B.) ArcGis Customizable Web App

Use this Mc D's address as an example for each: 7370 FL-100, Keystone Heights, FL 32656

"A" has a clickable URL in the results, but "B" does not. You have to click on the result to get to the URL. This map produces thousands of hits a day from my dept, so the easier I can design it to get directly to the information, the better.

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Can you provide more details about what you are referring to when you say "customizable Arcgis webapp"? Is this Web App Builder? Or Experience Builder? Or an app your organization had built? 

If you have a url to the app or a screen shot that might help determine which app.

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