Browser Support for Configurable Apps

05-21-2020 02:55 AM
Occasional Contributor III

Is there anywhere that documents which browsers are supported for each of the configurable apps in AGOL and/or Portal?

Specifically I'm trying to work out if the AGOL Map Styler app supports IE11. I'm guessing not, but am also wondering if it did at some point because I've just been looking at a Styler app that I published last year which doesn't seem to work in IE11. I can only assume that it did at the time I published it because I tend to use that browser to test things and don't think I would have used that app template if it didn't work with IE. I guess it's possible that the version of the JS API that it uses has incremented over that time and no longer supports IE?

I've looked in both the AGOL help page and the AGOL content item for the app but don't see any mention of browser support.  The closest I can find is the recent blog post about the minimalist beta template which doesn't support IE.

Apologies if I'm missing something obvious here but just trying to make sure that I'm not going crazy!

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