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08-20-2015 11:03 AM
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Using ArcGIS Online for Story Maps/Journals.  We are having trouble with broken photo links, all of which are stored on our FaceBook page in the same folder.  Some work and some keep breaking. Suggestions? Our FB page is public. Wondering if an alternate storage site is better and welcome any suggestions.

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Hi Pamela,

Sorry for the delay in responding. There is Story Maps place on GeoNet; please use that for Story Map-related questions next time.

I'm not sure why the Facebook photos are breaking. If you are still having this issue are you able to post or private message me links to your public story map and the Facebook page you are linking to so I can take a look?

As far as an alternate location for images, Flickr and Picasa work very well as dedicated cloud photo storage solutions. You can also put photos on your own web server or cloud file storage account (like Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Amazon S3, GoogleDrive, etc.) as long as you can get a persistent public URL to reference each image.


Owen Evans
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I have had the same problem with several of my story maps when I save the photos on Facebook.  I am not sure why, there was something on the Internet about Facebook changing security settings from time to time.  I have changed to Flickr for creating links to images for my story maps, and so far no problems.

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