Attribute table widget does not show in the web app builder

10-27-2017 10:12 AM
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I am trying to make a simple web app from a web map that has a hosted feature layer in it.  however, the Attribute Table Widget does not appear among the available widget selections.  Am I doing something wrong?  What would keep the Attribute Table Widget from being an option in my web app?


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Never mind, I found it

I had been trying to find it by going to "set widgets in this controller" on the Widgets tab, then clicking the "+" symbol and looking through the whole list of widgets.  I didn't need to do that, it was on the Widget tab main page all along.  

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Glad you were able to resolve you issue. 

A couple would be good to give a summary of what you did instead of just that you found it.  It may help others with the same issue in the future.  Also, you can at least mark this as "assumed answer" so the thread is closed.  Also, you may want to try‌  to move this thread to the‌ (developer or custom widgets) or‌  (more general WAB, including online). For tagging others groups for more exposure (as I did above), if you use the @ and the space name, it shows up there too.  For WAB related questions, those locations will get more views than the Configurable Apps (which covers a lot of other apps too).    Just some suggestions (for you or others), and a good blog to read thru