Attachment Viewer issues with Microsoft Edge

10-21-2019 10:12 AM
New Contributor

Hello -

Has anyone experienced any "buggy" behavior when using the new Attachment Viewer configurable app with Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge?

I have a mix of attachment types and am unable to view all of them in the Microsoft browsers. I can see the first one in Edge, and none of them in IE. Everything works fine in Firefox and Chrome. 

I could understand if there are issues with IE - but I would think that Edge should be fully functional.

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Esri Contributor

Are you able to share your app or can you specify the type of attachments not loading correctly in IE and Edge?  

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New Contributor II

I can not share the app right now - but the attachments are basically a PNG as the first attachment, and the rest are PDFs. The PDFs are not showing thumbnail images so I created a PNG as the first attachment in order to show an image of the attachment category. I suppose I could try using a JPG instead - I haven't tried that. 

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