Are there any configuration options for "Print or export as PDF" widget in the Sidebar instant app?

08-12-2022 03:35 PM
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I seem to be getting mixed results from the "Print or export as PDF" widget.  It appears browser version & windows version affect the exported results.

Is there any addition configurations I can adjust to help normalize the results across the users experience.  If it helps I would happily drop the Tile, Map and Scale bar, while they are nice, it's the pop-up results that is really the most important in the export.

I will go into more details below:

  • Sometimes the Tile, Map and Scale bar appear on the same page, other times it’s split over multiple pages.
  • The pop-up contains an html table, which is visible sometimes, and other times is not visible in the export.

I am including the dev. version of a Sidecar instant app. The "Print or export as PDF" widget may be removed in the future.  As this app will be public facing the mix print results with the "Print or export PDF" is problematic.

I tested the app across 3 browsers (Chrome/FireFox/Edge) & Windows 11/10.  Oddly enough it seems Edge gave the best results.

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Got the Firefox print issue submitted as a bug, see BUG-000152832 for more information

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