Add layer list to AGOL template (or boilerplate template)?

10-04-2016 10:39 AM
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I figured I would ask here first in the hopes someone has done this

I have been asked to be able to show maps side by side for comparison-- no problem with the Compare template. However, there is also a need to toggle layers on and off and the Compare template does not allow that. Is there a way I can tweak that template (or another one) that would allow to show maps side by side but with a layer list?

I also thought about using the boilerplate app template downloadable from Github and then adding the layer list code, but I am not a developer so the instructions on how to do this are over my head.

I know I can embed different apps into another viewer (such as Story maps) but the whole side-by-side requirement is making it a little tough. I guess could have an HTML page with frames for each app but that gets to be very cramped-- hence my desire for a very simple viewer.

Basically I want a very minimal map viewer with the ability to toggle content on/off. If anyone has done that, I would love to know, or use your template. Thank you!

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