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07-28-2021 02:25 PM
Status: Open
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I would love it if it were possible to have a Timeline Instant App, where I could showcase maps and multimedia contents in a manner similar to the Portfolio Instant Map, but with the ability to select the different contents from a timeline in the lower part of the screen, where I can set time periods for the different contents. Something similar to this example:
Revolutionary User Interfaces (knightlab.com)

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Johanna,

There is now an instant app with Time Slider beta available. Unfortunately, at the moment there is the map  "Population Growth Rate by Country, 1960-2010" fixed in the app and it is not replaced with your own map.  @KellyHutchins @RyanLibed

Additional: When the app is saved the url under settings does not contain ?appid=<id app>


Hi @JohannaPrüssmann1, as @Stefan_Thorn mentioned, there is now a new Instant App, Slider (beta), which allows you to explore and interact with temporal and numeric data through a slider tool in the UI. 

@Stefan_Thorn Would you happen to have the steps to reproduce this behavior?