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Add "Print Widget" function to Beta Public Notification Instant Apps

02-28-2023 12:39 PM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor III

One great part about the WAB Public Notification App is the ability to add the Print Widget. Whenever we do a list for public notification, we always have to send a picture of the area related to the mailing list. To me, these go hand in hand, so it'd be the bee knees to be able to download a printable map with the features selected, to accompany the PDF or CSV. I know this is an "instant app", but I could easily see a button after the CSV option in the side panel for printing.

The perk of the instant app  over the WAB is the ability to "remove duplicates"! Just add in the download/print function and it's a complete package!


Hello Teresa,

In the most recent ArcGIS Online update we added the option to include a map with the PDF export in Public Notification. Right now, we don't have the ability to export an image of the map with CSV, just PDF. 

Do you think that the map image export is still important to have for workflows when you use the CSV export option? 





I saw your comment and thought, finally. However, I am not finding that option in the Public Notification widget. The Screening widget is setup to print a map with the selections and buffer. I am not sure why the public notidation widget can't do it. But, if it can now, can you give me a hint on were to find the option? Thanks!


Hi! I'm not Sarah, but in the Public Notification Instant App, after you run the mailing list (1) you open the export tab (2) and then click the map option (3) and then export. 


If you're talking about Web App Builder, then there is a separate Print Widget added to the app and you have to pick a special WAB layout, there's like two different ones, in order to keep the mailing list results open and export/print them. 


Hope that helps!


Thanks Teresa! I did mine in Web App Builder and I will take a look at what you are suggesting. I may switch over to the instant app as that might be more intuitive for the end users. 


@SarahMcDonald_Esri  Sorry it's taken me a while to respond! The Print function does work, but maybe isn't a product I would share with stakeholders.  

Ideally a Print tool in the Public Notification Instant App would export a map doc, and then also separately the option to export a CSV or PDF of the list - they wouldn't necessarily be together. Most of the time I export a PDF map and then a CSV of the list - and send those together. At this point - I'd have to delete those labels out of the PDF and also spruce up the map a bit before sending. 

Is there a possibility that could be set up like the WAB print widget to allow input for my custom print service with my custom layouts for that map? That would be ideal. 

Right now in WAB builder I use the Launchpad theme (or the dart theme) and when I have the mailing list widget run and open (which exports the PDF labels or the CSV), I can also open the print widget to export a PDF of the map - with the mailing list buffer etc. It outputs a single page and have all my logos, legends, scale bars etc as needed. 




@BobNoyes I use WAB mostly, but check in on the Instant App functionality. The two themes you can use to get both the Mailing List and Print Widget to work together are the Launchpad Theme or the Dart theme (I believe). I use the Launchpad theme. The other themes clear out the mailing list results when you open the Print Widget 


I just saw that in your other post and switched my web app to launch pad (I usually use the Tab theme) and it worked like a charm. Interesting.... Anyway, thanks for the suggestions.