Why can't I add a date field to a summary table?

12-20-2018 08:46 AM
by Anonymous User
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I would like to create a summary table using a date field, which I need to sort this data. The data is of sample results, and sorting by date sampled is a requirement.

When I select the date field, the table icon grays out. This is true no matter how many other fields I have selected. The date field is a complete deal-breaker for the summary table, apparently.

Is there any way I can get summary table to accept a date field in Insights for ArcGIS?

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Randy McGregor

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Currently summary tables do not support date/time fields.  The date components we add are strings so they can be added or you can do a field calculation (in the data table) to convert to a string and then display the full date.

If you want to see the data as is, there is the data table that will show you all the data (dates and all).  The data table can be docked at the bottom of your page too.

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Linda - Thank you so much for this answer - adding a new field, and calculating it to be comprised of some of the date subcomponents together seems to work for me (I'm not the OP).  The new field calculation looks a bit like:


and the resulting field values look like:


However, when you view this column in a summary table, and try to sort it in ascending or descending order, it doesn't sort properly.  Here is a sample of values theoretically in ascending order:

  • 2020-10-20
  • 2020-11-25
  • 2020-10-7
  • 2020-10-8
  • 2020-12-8

Have I missed a trick here? Presumably this is not the expected sort order.

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