Something went wrong after updating hosted feature service (table)

01-20-2020 05:32 PM
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G'day All!

I am currently using Insights via ArcGIS Online.

I have a couple of cards that display some charts / figures from a table that is a hosted feature service.

I update this service every day.

Everyday this breaks the Insights page.

I currently need to manually Refresh Dataset in edit mode and then Save the page for other people to be able to see the updated data.

Two questions:

- Can Insights automatically tell the data has changed and use the new data (or is this actually a feature)

- Is there a Python function I can add to my feature service update script to force Insights to perform a Refresh Dataset.


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Hi Bushtel Admin, I would like to help answer this question but would like more information first, please.  Is the table being updated daily as a new item in ArcGIS Online meaning, deleted first and then re-added, or are you adding new records to the same Feature Layer - same item in Online Portal?  If being deleted, then the Online Item ID is changing underneath Insights and that may be the reason you have to re-add the data daily and manually refresh.

Please provide steps for the workflow so as to better help you here.

As an aside, our upcoming release of ArcGIS Insights 2020.2 (July 2020) will have the ability to schedule updates of shared pages.

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