Is it possible to do multiple series charts

08-13-2019 06:37 AM
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I was wondering if Insights is able to do multiple series charts like one attached? 

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Hello Noel,

Today we support a combo chart, but not a "triple" chart.  Your example has two lines, and one set of bars (3 items total).  Today within Insights you can have two lines, or two sets of bars, one line and one bar, but our limit is two total.  If you like, you could create two combo charts.

The process for creating a combo chart is here:  Create and use a combo chart—Insights Create | ArcGIS 

You will need to add the same data set twice to Insights to create this today, but we are working to make combo chart creation easier.

Hope this helps, Scott

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Hello Scott,

Is there a way to do this with a time series chart?



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Hi Michelle,

There is some good news on that, although you don't have that ability right now, in our next release (in July 2020) will have it.

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