Do cross filters support selections on multiple cards?

03-29-2019 01:22 PM
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The cross filters capability in Insights is nice, I select tree genus Quercus on one card (far right in gif) and a card (middle) on tree condition (against same dataset) shows tree conditions for just that species.  However, I'd like to have the species selection hold once the condition of fair on middle card is made. But this does not happen: when I select fair on the middle card, the selection of Quercus on the linked card goes away.  I want to see only Genus = Quercus and Condition = Poor on the map card. See the gif of what is happening. Is this not possible?    The documentation is not clear on how far cross filters go. I have cross filters enabled on all my cards, but when I do the above you can see a second selection eliminates the first. 

insights tree filtering

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Agreed, I would like that as an option as well; this can currently be achieved using the "predefined filter" widget.

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(really thinking about not posting questions in Geonet, as I rarely get answers.  that leaves me with trudging through phone support, ugh) 

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Hi Michael,

Sorry you didn't think we were listening - we are!  Unfortunately you already have your answer - Insights only supports one selection (across many cards).  It is just a temporary view of your data.  AS Chaim says, teh way to achieve more is to add filters either on the data pane, the card or through a filter widget.