Convert XY coordinates to pathfinder waypoints

09-05-2019 09:45 AM
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Is there an easy way of converting xy point features to be read into way points to Trimble pathfinder to GPS GeoExplorer XH 6000? To do this now, I've been opening the point table, saving it as DBase, then going into Excel then saving it as a Comma Separated Value (CSV). There has got to be a better way!!!

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There are a number of different ways you can connect to data and use it in Insights.  If you already have the data as point features, you can bring that feature class directly into Insights.  Insights is a part of the ArcGIS platform so data that you have in enterprise or Online can be consumed directly, in the connection tab in Add Data.  

Possible data connection types are: Feature layers, Excel, GeoDatabases, CSV, Shapefiles, SharePoint Lists, GeoJson, OneDrive access plus Databases: SQL Server, Oracle, Postgres, SAPHana

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