Adding layer to existing workbook, "...layer not yet operational"

10-30-2019 09:05 AM
Esri Contributor

Hi Folks

I have a newly created point HFS in AGO that I am trying to add to an existing workbook, but I get the typical "Something went wrong" and when I look into the console, I get:

  1. [object Error]: {_ssl: undefined, code: 500, description: "", httpCode: 500, log: false...}
    _ssl: undefined
    code: 500
    description: ""
    httpCode: 500
    log: false
    message: "Access denied"
    number: 0
    stack: "Error: Access denied at f.load ( at Anonymous function ( at f ( at r ( at callback ( at f ( at r ( at callback ( at Anonymous function ( at e ("
    subcode: 500
    __proto__: Object
  2. SEC7139: [CORS] The origin '' used the maximum Access-Control-Max-Age value of '172800' as the provided value exceeded this for a cross-origin request to ''.
  3. [object Error]: {description: "Dataset 'Point layer_feec4fd' is not yet operational.", message: "Dataset 'Point layer_feec4fd' is not yet operational.", stack: "Error: Dataset 'Point layer_feec4fd' is not yet operational. at Ct.prototype._checkReady (eval code:18:62291) at Ct.prototype.fields (eval code:18:58941) at prototype._setFields (eval code:18:731632) at prototype.onDatasetChange (eval code:18:730792) at Anonymous function (eval code:18:646761) at handleEvent (eval code:869:7310) at handleEvent (eval code:780:1053) at _h (eval code:709:673) at Anonymous function (eval code:738:1095) at Anonymous function (eval code:436:668)"}

However, when I add the layer to a new card, it adds normally

Whats the deal?

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Esri Contributor

Hello Nathan,

Can you clarify when you are getting this error message?  The part i am not understanding is how you can add the data to a card if it can't be added to the workbook.  It would be good to know which HTTP request fails, that's more useful than the console error.

Esri Regular Contributor

Hello Nathan,

   Could you also confirm whether or not this occurs in a brand new Insights workbook with the same Hosted Feature Layer? On the flip side, are you able to add any fresh hosted feature layers to the target Insights Worbook?

Keep on keeping on!
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