3 Day Time Series in Insights

10-02-2020 07:52 AM
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I have created a time series graph in Insights but I was wondering if you could share how I could make my graph into a 3 day rather than the 7 day.  

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I also have this question but need the time series to display each day rather than lumping them together by week. We're looking at several different time series data sets and some of them are not daily so we need to be able to have each individual data point on the chart.

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Ditto to this question and DerekKonofalski's question. Need to be able to adjust the default Interval used on the TimeSeries. With cross-filtering on, errors are thrown on other charts when we select a datapoint on the time series.

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Will it help to filter the data for only your time of interest? You can filter at the dataset level or card level.


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