What is the best way to store Detail data?

04-15-2024 01:58 PM
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We have hundreds of buildings and are experiencing performance issues when loading Details data. We are currently storing each line geometry as a single feature. This results in over 400,000 records in our Details table. Is this a reasonable amount of Detail records? Can we store them as multi-part geometries so we can aggregate these features and have only a single record for Facility and Level?  What are the best practices for this scenario for such a large site?

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This detail data is horrible for rendering and such. I don't think there is a better way to store it and disk space is relatively cheap. I have been considering making vector tiles to improve rendering speeds, especially on web and mobile, but have not gotten around to testing it. I am curious to see what others have to say.

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Hi @TomasL44.

If you don't see any frequent geometry updates and changes, then yes, you could make same-category-per-floor detail features into a single-multipart feature.

Other load-reducing methods would be;

1. Set visibility scale (ex. features not to be displayed beyond 1:700)

2. layers as image service

3. Vector Tile (does not support floor-aware at a current release. Ideal for single-floor data only)

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I face the same issues with performance when displaying our details. We have very detailed... details..😄 for some very large facilites.  What I have found to be the most helpful (but still not great) is to do the following:

  • merge details by use type (if you have different use types) then merge each use type by level
  • Run the Dice GP tool on each use type of each level.  This will create "strips" of your details.  I use 10,000 verticies per "strip".
  • Store your details as a hosted feature layer or a File Geodatabase. Do not store and serve from an Enterprise GDB.  It just can't handle it.

Hopefully some day there will be an improvement for this.  Vector Tile layers sounds like it might be the answer but they are not (yet) floor aware.  That could be a game changer.


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