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07-31-2020 10:34 AM
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I note that ArcGIS Indoors integrates with Microsoft Outlook, but apparently only Outlook 365.  Is it possible, or will it be possible, to have integration with Microsoft Outlook using Exchange server?  Second, is the main route to booking via Outlook (365)'s calendar application, with resource vacancies easily found in the calendar?  Or is the primary route via ArcGIS Indoors with subsequent addition to Outlook (365)'s calendar afterward?

Thank you.


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Scott, I see you posted this a year ago.  I'm curious did you go ahead an implement Indoors or not?



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Hello Scott and Michael,

Yes, ArcGIS Indoors integrates with Microsoft 365. This feature can be used for Office Hotels and Meeting Rooms booking. To see a list of available rooms for a specified date, time and duration and to book one that meets your requirements you need to:

- Add emails (every room in Outlook has a resource mailbox) to the corresponding features in the Units layer

- Sign in to your MS account (from within Indoors apps) to see available rooms and book them

A request is sent to Outlook by Indoors on your behalf and shortly after, you will receive an email confirmation - just the way you receive one when you book a room from within Outlook and an event will appear in your Outlook calendar too.

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