Why my data which have already shared is not showing to Data Manager tab in ArcGIS Open Data?

01-26-2016 12:51 PM
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Hi, I have following all the instructions to create an Open GIS Data site with creating a shared group, invite members and allow members to showing their data to the open data group.  I have createed CSV, PDF file, Map layer, Web maps and apps with option to share to the same group of Open Data, but Data Manager is still showing "No matches found." which is belongs to My Organization?

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Hi Dat,

Did you add your open data group to your site? You can do this on the 'Groups Manager' tab in the administrative app.


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I'm having the same issue. I have added the data to the group, ensured that the group is Public and "Designate as available for use in Open Data sites", and that the group is in "Selected Open Data Groups" on the Groups Manager page. However, there are "No matches found" on the Data Manager tab.

Any advice?

Thanks, Scott

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Thanks for checking with me, Scott.

I didn’t get any better answers than you should do what the ESRI tutorials, guidelines, etc…. Finally, called the ESRI support (if you have one) they did something behind the scene then my data showed up next day.

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