What is the best way to add Notebooks to the Hub?

12-21-2020 07:55 AM
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I'd like to start adding Notebooks to a Hub site, and I'm sure this question will need refining as I learn more.   I'm not sure what the options are.    It would be great if we could

  1. link to a live AGOL Notebook if the user has privileges to run it
  2. link to download the Notebook if the user can read it but not run it on AGOL
  3. link to launch the Notebook in another service if possible
  4. find ways to embed parts of it on a Hub site

Right now, I see evidence of Notebooks in the greater Hub, but I don't see mine in any content pickers in the site edits.

All clues welcome!  Thank you.

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I can't find any way to place a notebook in the Hub.   I might have to recast this question.   

It isn't an option in the Gallery or Application widget.    Is this a hardcoded whitelist issue where Notebooks haven't been added to a list in these widgets or is there more going on?   

I'd be happy with the ability to list them and use an image in the gallery.   Elsewhere just a listing as an asset with a link maybe to an ipynb representation of the Notebook would be good!

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