Unable to share page back to Core Team Group after changing page item ownership

12-22-2021 02:10 PM
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We have a user who created Initiative pages that we needed to change ownership to a new owner within our AGOL. In order to change ownership of the pages, we unshared the pages from the Core Team Group since we received error messages that you cannot change ownership when an item is shared to a group with update capabilities. Upon successfully unsharing the pages from the Core Team and changing ownership, we are now unable to re-share the pages back to the Core Team (see video attached). Is this to be expected?

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@Christina-Nordling I'm sorry your having trouble, I would recommend reaching out to Support to help troubleshoot.

A few things I would check would be to make sure the new page owner is a member of the shared update group, the group allows for members to share into it (if user is a member), and whether you are able to successfully complete the share in ArcGIS Online directly.

If you are able, then opening the network tab of your browser and observing the response of the "share" request would jumpstart the troubleshooting with Support.

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