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Transferring a hub to a different organization.

06-08-2023 08:19 AM
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I have built a hub for a different organization, and did not originally have access to their accounts. Therefore, my organization is the owner of the hub. I now have access to the clients account and I am looking for a way to move all of the items from my organization to theirs so we can remove what has been built from our system. I don't believe sharing will work in this case because I would ultimately like to remove the hub from my organization. Any suggestions for transferring a hub from one organization to another? Thank you!

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Have you tried using ArcGIS Online Assistant? ArcGIS Online Assistant (

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The ArcGIS Hub API offers the possibility to copy hubs/sites between different organizations.

Here is an example python notebook. Maybe this helps you already.
Having said that, I have to say that I was not too happy with the result and ended up with a more manual workflow. I copied from one ArcGIS Enterprise to another and basically searched and copied the respective folder with the data from one server to another and then manually adapted certain things in the files (e.g. group-IDs, etc.). Unfortunately, this is not something you can do on ArcGIS Online.



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