Tags and Categories in Open Data only show top 10?

02-13-2020 11:27 AM
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Hi there,

We are preparing our Hub/Open Data site and am trying to tighten up the UX using either tags or categories (initially tags but open to categories if necessary)

BUT, both tags and categories only show 10 (we have a few more), and the order differs (tag appears to use item count?)


categories and tags

I would like, when the user clicks "more" for ALL tags or categories show not just the "top ten" or at least have it configurable. A bonus would to be able to configure the default order ie alphabetically.

Any other experiences, advice or resources welcomed esp  Graham HudginsPatrick Hammons

Thanks in advance

Melissa Brooks

New Plymouth District Council

New Zealand

Melissa Brooks
Senior Geospatial Systems Specialist
Tasman District Council (New Zealand)
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