Slope and Extract Multi Values to Point

04-21-2020 06:57 AM
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Hello everyone.
My Bachelor´s Thesis includes creating a project in ArcGIS dealing with the NDVIs of two different national parks in Tanzania and Zambia. In order to transform my data into a usable format for R, I am currently working on creating an attribute table which I can then export as a text file.
Right now, I´m working on extracting multi values to points to create the attribute table and want to include the slope of my terrain. The slope was calculated from a DEM and has a value of 0-39° (in degrees) or 0-83% (in percent) when I open the properties of the layer. However, when I extract the value to the points of a fishnet that I created, the values get changed. In the attribute table I know have values of 0.1-24° and 0.1-45%. It is the only layer that has its values changed in that way.
Can someone maybe explain to me what happened there and how I can change it?
I really appreciate any help. Thank you in advance.

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Hi Kira,

ArcGIS Hub is a web app that allows users to build websites, share data, and collaborate with community members through teams/events/surveys, and while your actual question is a wee bit over my head, are you perhaps asking a question directed at the ArcGIS Desktop or ArcGIS Pro GeoNet communities? (Product Communities ) You might find better luck asking directly on those forums as their members will have more specific knowledge of those tools.

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