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Site Engagement Report conflicts w/metrics

09-13-2023 05:42 AM
New Contributor II

I started getting the Site Engagement Reports for our organization's Hub Sites and I've noticed some discrepancies between the emailed numbers and the analytics in our hubs. I know there'll be a lag between my weekly report dates and the emailed dates but as an example - last week our one Hub Site shows 500+ visits but the email shows 25 views. 

There has also been a major jump in traffic for this specific Hub, and I'm not sure how far behind the emailed metrics are but it aligns more with a few weeks ago.

Maybe an anomaly but curious what other people's experiences are.

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Esri Contributor

Hi @JAbbott thanks for reaching out on this - would you be able to provide screenshots of the discrepancy you're seeing? (Feel free to dm me too!)

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