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01-16-2020 04:14 PM
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Is there a way to search for text within a Hub site?  I am aware of the data/AGOL Items search widget, but that is not the particular functionality I am asking about here.  Instead, we want to be able to search the text across all the pages within the Hub site to find likely matches.

Here is the use case: our Hub application is 30+ pages with lots of charts, data, descriptions, etc. We are imagining the scenario where a user is looking for some specific information but doesnt want to navigate throughout the site manually looking for that information. For example, the user is looking for a chart about crash rates over the past few years, but doesn't know exactly where to find that chart. So, the user could type into a text search box the phrase 'Crash rates' and a list of pages that contain that text are displayed in a selection list or some such.

Does that make sense? Is such a feature available?

Thank you.

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A few ideas off the cuff:

* put the search terms you want in the item description or tags for the pages...share those pages to the content group for your site (or any group tied to your site's search)...those keywords tagged & description power search so the user would see the pages in the auto complete and be able to click into them

* alternatively (or in addition), share the data but in the description of the data link to pages with relevant charts (you can anchor link if you really have to)

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Hey Graham.

Those are two great (and easy to implement) ideas.  I'll give em both a try.

Thank you.

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