Same search results multiple times in drop down and categories

02-19-2020 05:04 AM
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For some reason certain data items inside our HUB site are showing up multiple times inside our main search input box drop down and when we view a category.  These items exists only once inside our organization. 

When I look at the object that is populating the drop down results, each item's data has the same item id with an _# at the end of the item id property.

The same thing is happening when I enter one of our categories - same data item showing up multiple times.

I figured tripping off a manual index would fix this issue but after multiple tries the issue still persist. 

Any idea for a fix?  I've attached imgs showing the issues.

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It seems this issue has to do with our HUB sites dcat.json.  The dcat.json is either plain missing items that are shared in OpenData groups or will have multiple entries for the same item.  The dupes in dcat.json match the dupes we are having inside our search dropdown and data categories so there has to be some relation.

I've been monitoring the dcat.json throughout the day with a app that I'm working on and it this object is always changing.  i.e. Our dcat had 14 missing items from our HUB inventory yesterday morning 6am. By 9am our dcat had 8 duplicates entries for different items.

Looping over our HUB inventory and unsharing than resharing the items seemed to fix the dcat issue after multiple attempts.

Come back in this morning and now our dcat has 3 missing items.

Would love some insight on whats going on here.

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