Restoring Old Creation Dates/Creators

11-04-2020 03:25 PM
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Part of my work involves stream typing and our program started using collector officially 5 or so years ago. Since then we have been taking each years points, lets call them waterfall points, and merging them into a new years layer. Recently its came to our attention that each time we do this (sometimes) and republish the new layer to AGOL, the creator/editor/ect column updates with the current date. We have kept all the old records, but by merging them, it seems we have lost the ability to find and replace date entry. With no real way to match each line in the table up with the old ones, besides the Global ID which didn't work for us, it seems this is lost. I'm pondering a way to put both layers, new and old, on a map and somehow find the ones that overlap and identify them that way so I can swap the dates out with the historic (correct) dates of collection. I do not know python.


Is there a tool that can do this?, or some unidentified/hidden place that the dates are stored that I can re-use?

Anyone know a way to Identify or change Global ID's so I can find the matches?

Maybe there is a more complex way of  Calculating Lat.Long, identifying copies, and merging the table columns?

Thank you,

Michael Case

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