'Reclassify' function stopped working suddenly (ArcMap 9.3.1)

11-20-2015 07:59 AM
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Hello everybody,

I've purchased a new computer and I've been using ArcMap 9.3.1 for  2 months. To create a hillshade effect in my maps I use 3D Analyst extension with Hillshade function. I usually reclassify and set transparency to the raster to remove "flat areas".  Everything worked perfectly until yesterday.

I made several (2-3) maps with that method and the 'Reclassify' function stopped working suddenly. Whole ArcGIS started to act strangely immediately. I've encountered symptoms as follows:

1) I am unable to save hillshade raster on Google Disc (first it reported general error, now it displays 'the directory is read-only' error).

2) If I create hillshade raster and save it on my HDD it acts like it possesses no information. Nothing (literally nothing) happens, if I launch the 'Reclassify' function and click on the 'Classify' button. If I click on the OK button anyway, ArcMap crashes.

3) I've read on this forum, that the inactive 'Classify' button could be the result of no data in raster (which does not make sense to me, as I've been using this method since 2010, even with my current computer). So I launched the "Calculate statistics' function and calculated the allegedly missing statistics. Clicked on Reclassify function and the button 'Classify' was suddenly working so I could set the new classification. But it crashes after clicking OK anyway.

Can anyone enlighten me what is going on? I did no changes in computer. Tried to reinstall ArcMap, but it does not work.

Thank you.

I have Windows 8.1, 2,80 GHz CPU, 8 GB RAM. My previous computer was much weaker and was able to run aforementioned procedure with no problems.

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Lots of potential issues, but no easy answers:

  • One possibility - it looks like ArcGIS 9.3.1 is not certified for Windows 8.1:


  • Another possibility - Microsoft did one of their regular weekly Windows softwares updates and that affected your processes in some way.
  • And another - Some aspect of ArcGIS may have become corrupted.

You may want to contact ESRI Support and troubleshoot it with them, as there could be many causes to this issue.  They can be reached at:  (909) 793-3774.

Chris Donohue, GISP

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I've forgotten to mention that everything works perfectly if I launch ArcMap as different user.

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My first thought us you had a 60-day trial for the entension that expired.  But if you can log into the same machine as a different user and it works, I would try Resetting your ArcGIS application profile​ and then make sure the 3D extension is turned back on (checked).

if a different user is able to process it but only on a different machine, and you both access concurrent/floating license manager, it is possible that you have more core (ArcMap/catalog) licenses than you have extension licenses.  They may have to uncheck their extension before you can access again.  This scenario is pretty common....we hava about 300 users,  50  core and only four 3D Analyst....so our users have to share. 

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Thank you for your effort,

first, when I saw that discussion, I  though it was the ultimate solution, but it did not. I have even erased all ESRI data in AppData folder, but it did not work either. It all seemed like ArcView stores some user's file elsewhere as well.

I'll try to erase the appdata in safe mode too. Will inform if I succeed.

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Well, I got myself one step closer to solution 🙂

Everything works fine when I launch ArcMap as an administrator. Once I launch it in standard manner, the reclassify function does not work and ArcMap crashes.

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