Possible bugs in Hub view-contents version for published date

05-14-2021 04:29 PM
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Hey there,

It seems that in the new Hub view-contents version there are some 'bugs' (or at least an odd default behavior) around the Published Date that gets displayed.  We haven't figured out all the use cases, but here are some examples:

  • when the Metadata publication date for a data layer is only a year (with neither month nor day), the displayed Published Date defaults to December 31, 1969.  For example, the metadata has a Published Date of 1999.  That date is rendered in Hub view-contents version as December 31, 1969
  • When the metadata publication date is a full date but with no time, e.g.
    05/01/2010, the new Hub view-contents version shows the Published Date as April 30, 2010.  Similarly, for a metadata published date of 1/1/1998, the new Hub shows the published date as December 31, 1997.  Maybe that's some sort of UTC conversion error moving everything back 1 day? Our metadata dates do not have time component


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Hi @Trippetoe -- thanks for pointing this out, we'll investigate and resolve prior to release.

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Hi @Trippetoe -- I wanted to circle back and let you know this will be resolved for Tuesday's release 🙂